DevLaTron – My little space on the Grid!

Hey there… I’m DevLaTron and welcome to my little space on the Grid, where I intend to showcase some of my projects, a.k.a “DevLaTrons projects”. Most of my projects are IT oriented, but especially in the beekeeping section you might find some more “nature” oriented stuff.

My intentions for this page are to publish a couple of things I’ve been working on over time. Some of the things I want to cover are 3D printing, electronics, beekeeping, and some of my other hobbies. I’m guessing that some things I learned or designed might come in handy for others. So maybe I’ll even manage to set up some complex guides and How- Tos over time.

I’m also around on a couple of social media pages… you can find them conveniently placed on the top right if you’re not using an Ad- Blocker. Which you should, to be honest. Those pages are also ideal for leaving feedback, so head out to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and all the others.

I do try very hard to keep this page free of Ads, Trackers and all those other pesky things that make the web annoying. Again, if you have feedback or improvement ideas on this, feel free to ping me on social media.

Some of my projects

I dabble around a lot in my free time, always trying to figure out new things and learning as much as I can. While I contribute to quite some projects anonymously, I do share some others publicly.

Hardware / Electronics

I run a couple of 3D printers, but also a small CNC machine and some other hardware. Everything about that topic can be found here: Maker Designs

Electronics projects, from OSSC to SD2SNES and others can be found here:

I’m also a beekeeper, and if you want to learn a bit about that, go here:

Software Development

Coding projects are hidden behind this link:

You may also want to visit my gaming company home page for some of the games we’ve developed:

I hope you can enjoy some of my content and learn a bit from the things I’ve posted here. Most of my projects start out as little proof of concepts and then start growing in size over time.

Have a nice time. 🙂