SD2SNES Assembly – Required Tools

In order to assemble your own SD2SNES (any revision, but Rev. K. will be covered here in detail), you’ll need the following hardware and software.

A PC with an OS that runs AT LEAST the following software. I use Ubuntu for this:

Hardware / Tool requirements:

  • Hot Air Rework Station/Soldering Iron. We will be doing quite a bit of SMD soldering, but one chip is Ball Grid Array, so Hot Air is mandatory. This can be a cheap station if you only intend to use it rarely, for example the 862D+ . If used for longer periods of time, a more expensive system could be used to improve quality of life.
  • Electronics Microscope for soldering. You might get away without one, but this will make your life SO MUCH EASIER. I REALLY REALLY RECOMMEND GETTING ONE, EVEN IF IT’S A CHEAP ONE.
  • Multimeter with Voltage, Current, Continuity and Diode Mode. If possible, have two of these. Cheap ones ~30 EUR each are usually fine.
  • Assorted pliers, tweezers and basic electronics tools. Buy good tweezers, and buy a couple of them.
  • A Xilinx Programming Cable for installing the Bootloader.
  • A TL866 or similar programmer to program the CIC chip.
  • For advanced repairs and debugging: An Oscilloscope. Usually you can get along without one, but if you want to follow the device down the rabbit hole, this is where things get really serious.