SD2SNES Assembly – Description

The SD2SNES, created by ikari_01 on, is a SD card to SNES cartridge that allows for a huge array of cool stuff to be done. (Aside from playing SNES games and simulating the required chips for them).

Thanks to its open source nature, keen electronics hobbyists can build one themselves. A lot of thanks goes out to ikari_01 for doing all this great work. And of course to all other contributors of the project.

The set of articles provided here are an attempt to guide you through the process of building an SD2SNES yourself. Feel free to get in touch (Social Media buttons on top right of page!) with any feedback and questions you might have.

A word of caution: This is an advanced electronics project that does require time and skill to complete. Follow this guide at your own risk!

I’ve tried to keep the entire process as simple and cheap as possible. This might include taking shortcuts and applying techniques that wouldn’t be used in a professional manufacturing process.