Maker Designs – My world of “things”

It all started out with a couple of 3D printers a couple of years ago. This section is intended to provide you with some of my maker designs. Additionally, I’ll throw in some lessons learned in the process of creating them. For me, the fun is not only in creating items but also the constant process of improving and upgrading the machines themselves.

I mainly use two 3D printers: A self- built Lulzbot TAZ with upgrades, and a Prusa i3 clone with massive upgrades. Additionally, I’m using a “China 3018 Pro” CNC machine for more sturdy parts. The next step will be a small lathe for turning smaller pieces.

Most of these designs have been created using FreeCAD, which is an open source CAD suite. Once you get used to it, it is an extremely versatile tool.

For printing, I usually use Marlin and Cura for my printers, and GRBL + UGS Platform for machining.

I print almost all my parts with different PLA flavors. I find it the most convenient material to work with, and don’t want to keep a large stock of different materials around.

Machine Upgrades

Prusa i3 Clone

This is a list of maker designs I’m using on my Geeetech Prusa i3 clone. Once upgraded this is a very sturdy and capable machine for a reasonable price. It may not be the best for fine grained models, but it does produce usable and solid parts. This started out as a backup printer, but is now actually my preferred machine to the LulzBot as most parts I need are small enough to fit into this one.

3018 Pro CNC Machine

This is a new Z- Axis mount including change plates for different types of tool heads. This upgrade uses longer bearings for improved stability, and allows you to easily switch out your spindle/laser assembly. It can be easily printed with most 3D printers: 3018 Pro CNC Z-Axis Tool Adapters