Neato XV Repairs – Overview and Introduction

The Neato XV Series of vacuum robots are a sturdy line of machines. But with age, they develop a couple of common faults. These Neato XV repairs can be easily fixed with a little bit of work and some common tools. Here is a list of common issues and how to repair them. With these fixes, our polite little friends will continue to work for weeks, months or even years to come! Additionally, there will be schematics, disassembly and debugging guides for completeness where possible.

Keep in mind that even though repairing these machines is rather easy, you must be careful. The batteries in these devices can get hot, and the charging stations can be dangerous if handled incorrectly.

One of the big advantages of these machines is their simplicity. Also, they are built in a way that makes them easily accessible for maintenance. More modern robots usually have a lot more complex parts which makes them harder to fix. As such I prefer these simpler machines that still do an amazing job. Especially if you have pets that shed a lot of hair.

Please take note that some of these Neato XV repairs may also apply to models from manufacturers like “Vorwerk”, especially some of the Kobold series. You may have to improvise, though.

If you think there is something missing on this page, feel free to contact me (use the social media links above) and I’ll see what information I can gather and provide in the form of some guides.

  1. A basic disassembly and reassembly guide. Includes pictures of taking the machine apart and putting it back together: Neato XV Series Disassembly Guide
  2. A list of common faults and their fixes. Requires some common tools and parts, as well as basic electronics knowledge: Neato XV Series Common Faults