Hardware Projects – Electronics Tinkering

I dabble in a couple of different hardware projects. I’m a huge fan of retro gaming, but also open source projects. As you can clearly see the focus lies on electronic projects. May it be building an OSSC, or my own SD2SNES, or monitoring electronics for by bee hives: You can be sure to find it all around here somewhere.

OSSC – Open Source Scan Converter

The OSSC, also called Open Source Scan Converter, is a nifty device that allows you to hook up your old console to a modern TV. The device is designed to do this in a manner that avoids input lag. Additionally, it has many options to optimize the old analog signal. It will then output a clean HD digital signal.

Follow this link to get more information: https://devlatron.net/hardware-projects/ossc-v1-6-assembly-guide

SD2SNES – The ultimate SNES Add- On

For more information go here: https://devlatron.net/hardware-projects/sd2snes-rev-k-assembly-guide