Introducing: SD2SNES UltraStar

Hi, and welcome to the shop page of the SD2SNES Ultrastar. Faster, more powerful, more features, and, for short time only, cheaper than the SD2SNES Pro! GET THE EARLY BIRD ORDER for just 149.99!

The SD2SNES UltraStar is the worlds first Ethernet- Connected Super Nintendo Cartridge, featuring a cutting- Edge 16nm Ultrascale KINTEX FPGA, GigaBit Ethernet and a whopping 4 GB of RAM!

Using an automatically loaded UltraCore, the UltraStar is capable of using all your favorite special chips, being compatible both to the SD2SNES and the new SD2SNES Pro Firmware!

Coffee brewing adapters sold separately.

The Cartridge is available for sale now, just klick the link below to order:


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