Neato Series XV complete Disassembly

The Neato XV series can be disassembled rather easily using a screwdriver. This step-by-step guide will show you through the stages of disassembly.

Required tools:

  1. Phillips head screwdriver.
  2. Small, long plyers.
  3. Container for screws.

Before beginning disassembly, remove the clip-in parts of the robot:

  • The dust compartment on top
  • The brush holder on the bottom.

If your Neato has a power switch on the inside of the dust compartment, set it to the OFF position.


Turn your Neato around so that the front faces you and the wheels point upwards.Next to the wheels are 4 large screws. Removing these will give you access to the battery compartments. Remove the batteries to power down the robot.


Next, remove the large screws further away from you to remove the bottom plate. This will grant you access to the wheel assemblies, charging port and main fan:


The charging port can be removed by squeezing the latch of the connector at position A. You can then remove the port labeled B. After this, the cable at position C can be pulled and the fan D can be lifted upwards. This will cause the rubber sealing to come off as well.


Next, it is time to remove the wheel assembly. First, lift the metal rods out of their holders at positions A. They can pop out on the inner sides. Also pull the connectors at B. The wheel assembly will then pop out. Below them are springs that need to be removed before taking them out of the chassis. This is easily accomplished by twisting the springs off their holders.


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